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case study

Example of an augmented reality app. The app shows information when users target specific objects with their iPad cam:

  • Matchic Labs measures advertising integration and visibility within the app.
  • Matchic Labs analyses client conversion workflow.

Advantages of
(matchic) labs'

Matchic Labs has developed and patented an eye-tracking technology, that allows to:

  • capture interactions on mobile interfaces, which are usually small, very dynamic, and made of interaction layers.
  • work in real mobility, in the observational frame of reference tied to the interface. This gives eye tracking high accuracy, without interfering with the nature of interactions.
    (In other words, the device does not have to stand still in order to realize eye tracking; and it is naturally moving in the user's hands, but not in the recording frames).

In order to obtain accurate and reliable data on non-static applications, Matchic Labs has developed a process called “Layer Eye Tracking ®”, which offers our clients a large array of possibilities, such as:

  • area of interest (AOI) analysis on all interfaces, including those with dynamic elements (split frame interfaces, ad banners, dynamic forms, etc.)
  • AOI definition on dynamic elements within interfaces.


Eye-tracking data analysis of large panels of users by data aggregation.

Very fast data treatment.

Powerful tool of usage segmentation, of correlation analysis between quantitative and qualitative data (interaction measurements and users feedbacks).


Mostly all mobile apps.

All mobile websites.

iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android smartphones and tablets , etc.

Mobile advertising.

InGame advertising.

Augmented Reality - AR apps.